Oil Field Explosions

Chandler, Mathis and Zivley, P.C. is one of the most experienced personal injury law firms in the United States for representing clients who’ve suffered property losses burns, injuries or deaths in propane fire and propane explosion cases. Chandler, Mathis and Zivley have represented victims of propane fires and propane explosions in several states outside their home state of Texas.

The firm’s largest case to date was the famous Brenham, Texas explosion that took place in 1992. Although the majority of the claims were settled out of court, W. Perry Zivley served as lead counsel for 18 of 22 claimants that opted to take their cases to court. Following a 4-week trail, which involved dozens of witnesses and hundreds of exhibits, the court found negligent, grossly negligent and liable for creating a nuisance. The inital reward to the claimants was $5.6 millon dollars in actual damages and $138 million dollars in punitive damages. Later, the trial court reduced the amount to $90 million dollars and the case was settled for a confidential amount.

The firm’s success in this trial made national headlines and since then the firms partners have handled numerous personal injury cases involves fires and explosions. If you think you may be entitled to compensation for losses, damages, severe injuries or the death of a loved one due to negligence or defective equipment that may have caused a propane fire or explosion, contact one of Chandler, Mathis and Zivley’s propane explosion lawyers now.

Propane Filling Station Catches Fire on Crash

A propane filling station near the Tampa International Airport sent up in flames after being struck by a truck around 1 pm on May 14, driven by Jorge Barbosa (according to local news sources). The propane filling station was located behind an airplane meal catering firm named Gate Gourmet that provided services to airlines at Tampa International Airport. The flamed threatened this nearby business. When firefighters arrived on the scene of this 2-alarm fire, flames were shooting 20-feet into the air and presented the risk of a propane explosion, as the 700-gallon propane tank that supplied the filling station was nearby. The following video captures the event.

The firefighters did an excellent job of handling the blaze, directing water to keep the propane tank cooled down, protecting a nearby truck and the catering business while waiting for Tampa Fire Rescue hazmat technicians to arrive at the scene and shut off the flow of propane supply. Once the supply line was shut off, the flames quickly died out, but not before destroying the propane filling station. Fortunately for everyone involved, and a smart head’s up response by Tampa’s Fire & Rescue team, no one substained burns or injuries and the propane tank did not explode.

However, sometimes propane fire and propane explosion disasters don’t always end with a successful outcome like this one. If you’re a victim of property damage, burns, injuries or death of a relative due to a propane fire or propane explosion, seek professional advise from a law firm that regular handles personal injury cases involving propane fires and propane explosions. One of the most qualified propane explosion lawyers and propane fire law firms operating in the United States is the Chandler, Mathis and Zivley law firm of Lufkin and Houston, Texas. If you feel you suffered damages or a loss due to a propane fire or propane explosion, contact one of their propane explosion lawyers now for a free consultation to explore your victims rights.