March 13, 2019

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Pursue Justice After a Collision with a Drunk Driver

Texans believe in working hard and playing hard. After work is over, many Texans pop a top or down a couple shots at the bar to celebrate the weekend. Or because it's Wednesday or we won the game. "Hook 'em horns!" You get the idea. Celebrating with friends over a few cold ones is a cherished Texas tradition, but driving drunk has no place in our state's hallowed history.

March 13, 2019

Popular Competitive Event ‘Tough Mudder’ Settles Several Wrongful Death Lawsuits

“Tough Mudder” competitions have gained increasing popularity over the past several years, primarily due to the fact these races impart multifaceted obstacles courses and consistent terrain changes – in stark contrast to the traditional 10k or marathon-style race. In a typical Tough Mudder competition, contestants travel across dirt pathways, up hills and through aquatic areas – which are typically laced with dirt and natural debris.


In 2013, while participating in a Tough Mudder competition in West Virginia, a young competitor drowned completing the “Walk the Plank” exercise.

March 13, 2019

Death by Personal Injury: What Are the Chances?

Though we all know that death will eventually come to us and that, no matter how proactive we are about our health and safety, it may come suddenly and unexpectedly, we have no choice but to go living our lives. At times, we all experience anxiety about the risks inherent in the process. In a world where terrorist attacks have become all too common, we cannot help but worry about being attacked in the midst of any average day: in the mall, the airport, at school, at the movies, in the nightclub. Things that we do less frequently -- like taking trips, going on daring adventures, undergoing surgery, living through extreme weather events -- only raise our level of anxiety.

According to the National Safety Council, many of our worries are disproportionate to the risks involved.

March 13, 2019

Top Causes of Truck Accidents

Can I file a lawsuit if am injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer?

Sharing the road with semi-trucks and tractor trailers in unavoidable, so it makes sense to proceed with caution if you are driving along aside or passing a large truck. Because of their weight and length, trucks can be hard to navigate. Moreover, a tractor-trailer, even traveling at a normal speed, can take a long time to stop. That being said, truckers are required to exercise reasonable care when operating a rig not to injure other drivers.

Truck Accidents at a Glance

There are state and federal laws in place that require trucks to be adequately maintained and inspected regularly.

March 13, 2019

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $502 Million Over Flawed Pinnacle Hips

What is the latest news over J&J's hip replacement failures?

Medical device maker Johnson & Johnson was recently ordered to pay $502 million in damages to 5 patients over flawed artificial hip devices sold under the Pinnacle brand name. The defective devices were sold by J&J's Depuy unit, and a federal-court jury in Dallas found that company officials were aware of the flaws but failed to warn patients and doctors. In a product liability case, failure to warn is a key element in a successful lawsuit.

March 13, 2019

Premise Liability in the Neighborhood

March 13, 2019

Invokana Linked to DKA and Kidney Damage in New Lawsuit

Can you be compensated if you suffered from the serious side effects of a drug?

You are a type-2 diabetic and you need some help managing your symptoms. So, your doctor recommends a new drug that many of his patients have been having a good experience with. He tells you that there may be some side effects but you think to yourself “not me.” Think again! You start experiencing the symptoms of a blood disorder and having kidney problems and your doctor tells you it is from the medication you have been taking. What are your rights? Well, you can bring a lawsuit like a woman from Texas recently did after being seriously impacted by the new drug

March 13, 2019

New Jersey Drug Company Pleads Guilty to Selling Contaminated Ultrasound Gel

What was the ultrasound gel sold by a NJ drug company contaminated with?

Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc., a New Jersey pharmaceutical company based in Newark, has recently pleaded guilty to selling ultrasound gel contaminated with bacteria. The gel, used in scans, sonograms, EKGs and similar procedures, makes direct contact with the skin.

How the Case Began

The company was originally targeted by the FDA in 2012. At that time a Michigan hospital reported that 16 surgical patients had been infected with a bacterial pathogen associated with a particular batch of ultrasound gel from Pharmaceutical Innovations.

March 13, 2019

Heartburn Drugs May Pose Health Risks

Can I file a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company if I am injured by a medication?

A recent clinical study by the Houston Methodist Research Institute indicates that a class of heartburn drugs, proton pump inhibitors or PPIs, put users at increased risk of heart attack, stroke and renal failure. These drugs, sold under brand names such as Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium, may cause damage to cells in the arteries.

While PPIs are designed to inhibit acid production by cells known as lysosomes, the drugs may also prevent cells from dividing and reproducing, leading to plaque buildup in the walls of blood vessels. In addition to the risk of heart attacks and other maladies, cell damage in the arteries is also linked to dementia and cancer. In the study, where cells were exposed to the PPI Nexium that mimicked long-term usage, researchers also found chromosome damage that is associated with these age-related diseases.