March 13, 2019

Houston Insureds, We Have a Problem

Q: How will a new Texas insurance law impact Hurricane Harvey victims?

“Texas” and "Big" have always gone together. So, it didn't surprise any locals that in response to the catastrophic damage Hurricane Harvey dealt to the Houston area, Texans showed the world how big our hearts are by coming together to help our neighbors.

But will our insurance companies be there for us?

March 13, 2019

Texas Woman Suit Over Injuries for Defective IVC Blood Clot Filter

When can a patient sue a manufacturer over faulty medical devices or failure to warn of the risks of an implant?

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical in connection with a defective medical device implanted in her at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas in 2007. Her suit also accuses the company of a "failure to warn" of the risks of the implant, the Cook Gunther Vena Cava Filter. She is just the latest of a number of plaintiffs in Texas and other states who have sued over the ill-effects of such filters implanted years ago.

Cook Gunther Vena Cava Filter Created Serious Health Problems

The inferior vena cava (IVC) filters were supposed to protect patients from life-threatening blood clots that can travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism or other health problems.

March 13, 2019

Legislating Reduction of Health Risks from Tainted Medical Devices

Can new warning system help track negligence regarding medical products?

Tragically, many serious infections and deaths have been spread in hospital settings because of tainted medical scopes. This shocking finding, recently reported by members of Congress, federal officials and health-policy experts, has prompted intense dissatisfaction with the FDA's surveillance system for such devices, a system which is clearly inadequate, relying too heavily on manufacturer's reportage of problems with their own products.

March 13, 2019

Pelvic Mesh Case Heads to TX Supreme Court

In November 2015, a Dallas appellate court reversed a $1.2 million jury verdict against Johnson & Johnson for allegedly designing a defective pelvic mesh product. The plaintiff subsequently filed a petition for review with the Texas Supreme Court. The overarching issue the Court will consider is what evidence is necessary to satisfy the "causation standard" in a product liability lawsuit related to an implanted medical device.

March 13, 2019

5 Ways to Know Whether You Will Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Refinery Accident

Workers in the oil field industry, refineries and chemical plants never know when they kiss their spouses and kids goodbye before leaving for their shift if that will be the last memory of them their family will ever have. It is a well-known fact that jobs in the oil field, refineries and chemical plants pay higher than average wages (even for unskilled workers!) because of the inherent dangers of the jobs.

The Numbers Don't Lie

According to the 

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March 13, 2019

Houston Leads Country as Deadliest Major Metro Area for Crash Fatalities

According to the Houston Chronicle’s analysis of 16 years of federal highway data, Houston is the deadliest major metro area for car crash-related fatalities. Each year, 640 people are killed and 2,850 people are seriously injured. Despite the sheer number of people losing their lives, not much has been done in the way of preventative or increased safety measures. The extent of it is generally just an occasional warning from public safety officers.

Houston Places in Top Half for All Weakness Categories

The Chronicle shows that the region is also leading the country in fatal crashes that involve drugs or alcohol. Out of the 12 largest regions in the country, it is also number two for crashes per capita on federal highways. Out of those 12 regions, only Houston places in the top half in all categories regarding weaknesses.

March 13, 2019

Another Tesla Crash Probes More Inquiries

Is Tesla’s Autopilot feature safe?

Recently, another Tesla sedan was involved in an accident while believed to be in semi-autonomous mode. The accident happened in South Jordan, Utah, when a Tesla vehicle rear-ended a fire department truck traveling at about 60 miles per hour. Investigations have thus far revealed that the vehicle never even braked before impact. So far, the driver of the sedan has admitted that she was looking at her phone at the time of the crash, but the vehicle was in Autopilot mode. This is the latest in a

March 13, 2019

Amazing Medicine: Doctors Grow Texas Soldier a New Ear

What medical advances can we anticipate in the next decade?

A 21-year-old US Army private is getting back something she never imagined could be returned—her left ear. Thanks to amazing medical advances, Shamika Burrage has successfully received an ear transplant through the William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso. Burrage was involved in a serious car accident two years ago. She survived, but she suffered the loss of her left ear.

Now, the Army Medical Center has used cartilage from Burrage’s ribs to make a new ear which was then grown under her skin on her forearm.

March 13, 2019

Summer Driving Dangers

Why is summer such a deadly time for drivers?

Summertime is one of the most dangerous seasons for car accidents. Summer driving dangers are deceptive because, unlike in winter, the weather is ideal. Summer offers excellent visibility, generally dry roads, and long daylight hours. The dangers for summer driving lie in the sheer number of drivers on the roadways and the increase in drunk drivers. During the summer months, families take advantage of their children being off school and take to the roadways in droves.