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Working offshore is no easy job. The rigors of working on or near water can make an already difficult job even that much harder. Workers who suffer offshore injuries are often severely hurt and unable to return to work for a substantial amount of time. If you have suffered offshore injuries due to an unsafe work environment, you may be entitled to compensation.

Fishermen, oil rig workers, and other seamen are all covered under maritime accident laws. In addition, there are also other laws which offer protection and the right to seek compensation for injuries, medical care, and living expenses injuries experienced as a result of being on the job.

As part of our dedication to offering our clients and community comprehensive legal services, Chandler, Mathis, & Zivley’s team of professional litigators includes experienced Jones Act Lawyers. Also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act is a federal law that protects the rights of seamen in American waters. Under this law, seamen are eligible to seek compensation from their employer in cases where the captain, crew, or vessel owners are negligent.

We are experts in handling Jones Act Cases for individuals who work in or near water and have suffered offshore injuries while working on a shipping vessel, boat, barge, tanker, yacht, fishing boat, or offshore oil rigs. If you have been injured while working in any occupation covered under the Jones Act, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for your losses. Contact Chandler, Mathis, & Zivley today to have your case reviewed by our team of Jones Act Cases lawyers. We will carefully evaluate your potential lawsuit and help you to explore all of your legal options.

Chandler, Mathis, & Zivley also helps non-covered workers who have received offshore injuries. Under the law, offshore workers have a right to be protected no matter who they are or where they work.

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