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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Exploring Texas’ Dram Shop Laws

Can I sue a bar after an alcohol-related accident?

Each year, over 10,000 people die in alcohol-related crashes in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  On top of alcohol-related car accidents, excessive consumption of alcohol also commonly gives rise to slip and falls and acts of violence.  If you have been injured by an intoxicated individual, you may wish to pursue a claim against the bar or other establishment that served him or her alcohol.  The law in Texas concerning the liability of sellers of alcohol for negligent acts committed by customers is known as the dram shop law.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

What to Do When the Insurance Adjuster Requests Your Medical Records

If you are asserting a personal injury claim, your medical treatment and information regarding your recovery are going to be very important to your case. The doctor’s records about your care are perhaps the most important evidence of your treatment and potential long-term health effects of an accident.

If these files did not exist, the insurance company would have to just “take your word for it.
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Friday, July 28, 2017

“Sovereign Immunity” Makes Texas Schools Virtually Bulletproof

Q: Is a Texas public school liable for personal injuries to students?

When you put your precious cargo on the school bus each day, you probably rest assured that the driver --and then later the teachers and staff --will keep your child safe from harm until they're returned to your loving care.

You might assume that if your child suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of the school personnel, that you would be entitled to compensation for any damages and injuries from the school and its district through a personal injury lawsuit.

You might also figure that the doctrine of Read more . . .

Monday, July 10, 2017

Traumatic Brain Injury Basics

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur any time the head suffers a blow, jolt, or bump. The most frequent cause of traumatic brain injuries is personal injuries, such as auto accidents and falls.

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from brain injuries, and over half of those are severe enough to warrant a visit to the hospital.
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Boating Safety Tips

What are the top causes of boating accidents?

Boating is synonymous with summer.  As the temperatures rise and kids get out of school, many families take to the waterways across Texas on their boats or other watercrafts.  Recently, in Conroe, Texas, a 50-year-old man was killed after being thrown from a boat that crashed on Lake Conroe.  The accident happened during the nighttime hours.  Three other people were aboard the vessel when it crashed, throwing the accident victim off.
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Taxes and Personal Injury Settlements

The IRS defines income as any money, property, or services that you receive. Generally, all income is taxable unless it is specifically exempt by law. Technically speaking, personal injury settlements are income based on the IRS’s definition.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Driver Who Hit a Texas Church Bus Admits to Texting, Taking Medication

Who is at-fault in the Texas church bus accident?

A horrific bus crash in Texas recently left 13 dead and two injured. Now, as new details emerge about the accident, it appears the driver of the pickup truck that collided with the church minibus was distracted and potentially under the influence of medication.  The accident happened when the 20-year-old driver of a pickup truck crossed the center marker on U.S. 83, striking a bus head on.
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dealing with the Insurance Company After an Accident

Even minor car accidents can be traumatic. It is not uncommon for victims to be unsure of what to do next after an accident. Insurance companies are often the first contact after an accident, especially if the crash was not your fault. Even though they may seem like a helping hand in a confusing time, the other driver’s insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. Instead, they may try to take advantage of your confusion and manipulate you into saying things you did not mean to settle for far less than what your case is worth.
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Texas Woman Gets Walmart Premises Liability Lawsuit Filed in the Nick of Time

A recent personal injury lawsuit involving mega-retailer Wal-Mart serves as an important reminder of the importance of the state statute of limitations. The lawsuit, which was filed just days before the two-year deadline for injury claims, sets out a series of factual allegations against the store which could possibly result in a lucrative resolution for the plaintiff. However, had the plaintiff missed the deadline – no matter how inadvertent – the law generally imposes a bar on recovery, provided certain “tolling” defenses are not available.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was shopping in a Beaumont-area store in April 2015 when she Read more . . .

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jones Act Compensates Qualified Seamen for Offshore Accident Injuries

Q: Are there special laws that cover workers who are injured at sea?

On land, employees who are injured on the job are prohibited from suing their employers for damages but may collect certain compensation for medical expenses and lost income through Worker's Compensation.

But employees injured in Off Shore accidents-- such as fisherman, tugboat workers, and others--are covered under maritime accident laws, and some worker’s claims may also fall within the protection of the Jones Act.

Maritime and Offshore Accident lawyers with Jones Act experience are able to help those workers who work on or near the water recover much more than their onshore counterparts in the event they are injured at sea.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Common Car Accident Injuries: Fractures

What are the most common types of broken bones you could sustain in a car accident?

Millions of Americans will be involved in car accidents in the coming year.  Broken bones are one of the most common car accident injuries due to the immense force involved in the collision.  Fractures can be extremely painful and could even require surgery, potentially leading to lengthy recovery times and the inability to return to work.  Car accident victims who sustain a broken bone will require immediate treatment. Accident victims injured due to the negligence of another driver may be able to seek compensation for their fracture injuries through a

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